Bowhunters is based on a private game ranch (Wildlives) which is in the Southern Province of Zambia , Africa.We are 155km from the mighty Victoria Falls - one of the seven wonders of the world. Our capital city, Lusaka is 370km to our North East. Lake Kariba is 150km to our South East and is home to the famous tiger fish whom one may try his hand at, should he so wish.
The vegetation consists mainly of Miombo woodland interspersed with large valleys of grassland on wildlives.The woodlands consist of huge trees and and are full of massive termite mounds. These 15 to 30 foot mounds of earth are very useful when it comes to stalking game. The rest of the areas we hunt boast a wide diversity of terrain and vegetation; from mountains to plains to desert in Namibia.We truly offer a mixture of Africa.
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